Thursday, June 1, 2017

WESTV 2016-17 Final Episode

To the parents of my learners:

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing, talented, compassionate, and funny children with me this year. As promised, here is the link to our final show. Enjoy your summer!

Please comment below and let us know which Multimedia project or WESTV show you enjoyed the most this year.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

IMPACT CBL Project Wrap Up

By: Media B Learners

Unicef picture.JPG

Three thousand dollars. That’s the amount of money raised from the UNICEF dance. The turnout was very successful. Many students from all grades came and had a lot of fun. There was a professional DJ hosting fun games in the gym, raffle tickets to pie teachers, food in the cafeteria, and simulations. A Snapchat filter was even created for the event, showing on anybody’s Snapchat app during that time.

dance snap chat.JPG

This CBL project has come to a close. With the dance being the final solution for the sixth graders, they have accomplished their challenge. Coppell Middle School West has made an IMPACT on UNICEF and children around the world. Media B enjoyed documenting the process. Below you can view our finished documentary.

If you were a part of this project in any way, tell us how it IMPACTED you.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Teacher Tech Tools in Under Two Minutes-Google Keep

Welcome to my new obsession, Google Keep! My list making talent has always been a joke in my family. There are so many ideas going on in my head, not to mention being a working mom of four. Writing down my "to-dos" is the only way I can rest. Do you ever have trouble sleeping because of all the things you need to remember to do the next day? Or, do you ever have some late night great idea pop into your head that you don't want to forget? When that happens to me, I now grab my phone and get it out of my head and on to a Google Keep list. I can sleep knowing the information will be easily accessible on all of my devices whenever I need it again.

Google Keep allows users to create unlimited lists, color code them, label them, move and organize, and share them with other collaborators. You can add photos, create drawings, and set reminders. You have a variety of note types you can take including, text, audio, or checklist. But, my favorite part is how it works with other applications. Searching online and find something note worthy? Just launch the Google Keep extension and take your notes. Oh but wait, you want to start a Google doc with these notes.  Just, go to "Tools", "Keep Notepad", and drag your content over.

Are you thinking about how useful this could be for students? Besides the obvious time management, to-do lists, and daily habits, they could create bookmarks with the Keep Extension, organize research for projects, create vocabulary or spelling lists, take class notes, organize reading logs, and collaborate with team members.

Below is a quick overview of Google Keep from my Teacher Tech Tools in Under Two Minutes video series.

I am looking forward to starting my learners off next year with this organizational tool, so that they too can learn to love the satisfying feeling of ticking off a task. Are you already using Keep with your learners?  I would love for you to  leave a comment below and share with others.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Video Challenge Finalist and Results

What do you do when your learners' work is too amazing to keep locked away on your classroom computers? You host a film festival, of course. This was my sixth year to host a district-wide video competition for middle school multimedia learners. It is always an exciting time for us, as we share our video challenge finalist with other schools in the district and a panel of guest and celebrity judges.

Without further ado, congratulations to our first place winners:

Music Video: North (Video 3) Marina Serdyuk's "Come Back to Me" by Tyler W.
Public Service Announcement: North (Video 1) "Teen Stress"
Silent Film West (Video 2) "Getting Closer" by Ernest L., Sameer I., and Aaron B.
Short Film West (Video 1) "A Different Corner" by Natalie A.
Stop Motion Animation West (Video 3) "Monster Under the Bed" by Carly D.

Enjoy all of the finalist videos below:

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made this event possible. Yes, competition is fun, but we get so much more out of this event than just fun. Thanks to all of you, we get to experience:

  • Professional feedback
  • An authentic audience
  • Increased learner engagement
  • Evaluation and reflection of course lesson design
  • Opportunity to share our work and tell stories outside the walls of our classroom
  • Recognition of our work and unique program from others outside of our own schools

To see even more great submissions that didn't make it to the finals, keep an eye out for a blog post later in the month. 

Which Challenge finalist was your favorite? Comment below.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Room 319 Happenings Feb.-April 2017

If you could turn your teacher into an alien without getting into trouble, would you? Well, that is exactly what we did in Multimedia this marking period through the magic of photo editing. Taking a short break from video, learners used the editing software tool Adobe Photoshop to edit images.  They learned about selection tools, quick-masking, compositing, and photo retouching. This lesson is always a favorite as learners easily see connections and how these skills can be apply to their own personal photography.

Another leaner experience this marking period was the creation of informational podcasts. I am always surprised at the number of learners who do not know what a podcast is or take advantage of this resource on their iPads.  Learners were given time to explore the wealth of audio blogging material available to them and a chance to create their own episode using the Opinion App. They covered a huge variety of topics including; history, self-improvement, sports, video games, movies, and art. Listen to Emily and Sadie's here.
Want to use the Opinion App for audio blogging in your class? Check out these tutorials: Quick 15 sec. video overview       Detailed tutorial

Every good videographer knows that understanding his equipment is important to the success of his project. Learners researched the operating procedures, functions, and features of our equipment. They then created product review/tutorial videos to share their learning with others. Check out Kiara and Raquel's tutorial here.

Even with all of this going on, we continued to produce our entertaining and informative WESTV broadcasts.  Enjoy show 4 and 5 below:

Now it is time to put all of the skills we have learned this year to the test through a district-wide video competition. Middle school learners from the entire district are gearing up to create some creative and entertaining entries for this year’s submissions. The categories will be music video, silent film, public service announcement, short film, and stop motion animation.  Subscribe to this blog, so you don’t miss the showcase video.

Can you guess this educator?
Comment with your guess below.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Call for Film Festival Judges

We are looking for volunteer film industry professionals to judge our district wide video challenge. Learners from all Coppell Middle Schools are gearing up to create some creative and entertaining entries for this year’s submissions. The categories will be music video, silent film, public service announcement, short film, and stop motion animation.
Our showcase will be April 27th. The one hour long video showings will take place promptly at 7:40 am, 8:35 am, 9:35 pm, 12:30 pm, and 1:30 pm.  The judging is simple – you just have to select the video you think is the best for each category. Plus, we will provide popcorn! Interested film industry professionals that would like to judge for us and enjoy some fabulously entertaining videos, will only need to attend ONE of the five sessions listed above.

Film industry professionals interested in supporting future film makers and providing authentic feedback for their learning should email Mrs. Champagne at

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Teacher Tech Tools in Under Two Minutes: Google Expeditions

Want to move your lesson to the redefinition level of the SAMR model? Try taking your learners on field trips to places that once seemed impossible.  I took my class to Lebanon this week thanks to the Google Expeditions app.  In virtual reality, we explored the home, school, and work environments of Syrian refugee children now living and working in Lebanon. The "Out of Syria, Back into School" expedition served as a perfect guiding activity for our current CBL project that is focusing on child labor and the Syrian refugee crisis.  I knew this expedition would help my learners connect to children living much different lives than them, but what surprised me was how much we learned about each other on the tour. The app provides the educator a script to lead participants through the journey with discussion questions that help connect learners to what they are seeing. We learned that we have first generation Americans in our class and students shared personal stories of friends and family members that can not go to school because they have to work.

The app has a robust library of expeditions. You can find something for every content area.  I'm really looking forward to leading my iExplore learners through the Career Expedition series.

To see a short (under two minutes) tutorial on how to use the Google Expeditions app, check out my video below.

See entire lesson plan here.

What is your favorite Google Expedition? Leave a comment below.